Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide

the most comprehensive guide to marijuana licensing

The reference guide is an invaluable resource for owners and operators, investors, business professionals, financial experts, regulators, lobbyists, and government officials, who want to understand the opportunities and risks of this industry while evaluating marijuana licenses.

Using information from the Cannabiz Media Database of over 10,000 cultivator, producer, dispensary, and retail licenses, the Cannabiz Media team of content and data experts collected and analyzed the information that investors and marijuana industry stakeholders need to confidently operate in the constantly changing U.S. marijuana marketplace. This information is now available as an invaluable resource, the Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide: 2017 Edition.





Overview: Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide 2017 Edition

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Our Overview of the Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide: 2017 Edition explains the license evaluation process, providing insight and examples of the five key factors affecting marijuana business growth. See state-by-state comparisons and preview one of the 27 state snapshots in this 25 page overview.

5 Key Factors

Understand the industry-wide effects of volatility, the trickle-down effect, innovation and growth, competition, and accessibility.

40 Tables & Charts

See the data visually for quick reference and deeper analysis in the 39 tables and charts included throughout the reference guide.

37 Evaluation Aids

Evaluate marijuana licenses with confidence using the considerations derived from complex data analysis included in each chapter.

27 State Snapshots

Use the complete industry data snapshots of all 27 states for analysis and state-by-state comparisons of marijuana programs.

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The Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide: 2017 Edition, is available through Cannabiz Media publishing partner BVR (Business Valuation Resources). With 143 pages of insight, it is the most comprehensive guide to marijuana licensing.

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A copy of the reference guide is included with your annual subscription to the Cannabiz Media Database. Read the reference guide, then stay up-to-date with email alerts, real-time license updates, and 24/7 access to cultivator, producer, dispensary, and retail profiles.

Featured in Marijuana Ventures magazine

Marijuana Ventures features an excerpt from Chapter 3 of the Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide and focuses on the different conditions approved by each medical marijuana state.

Qualifying Conditions and the Business of Medical Marijuana, Marijuana Venture magazine

What’s inside

Included in the reference guide is comprehensive coverage of mandated operating license and financial structures, taxes and fees, qualifying medical conditions, caregiver and patient cultivation, accessibility by minors, reciprocity, marketing, products, possession limits, and local rules. Each chapter is complete with tables and charts for comparison between states and ends with a series of questions derived from complex data analysis that should be asked when evaluating a marijuana license or business.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Mandated Operating License and Financial Structures
    • Mandated Dispensary Structure
    • Mandated Operating License Structure
    • Mandated Financial Structure
    • Considerations
  • Taxes and Fees
    • Medical Marijuana Taxes
    • Recreational Marijuana Taxes
    • Fees
    • Considerations
  • Qualifying Medical Conditions
    • Overview
    • Key Observations
    • Conditions Conclusions
    • Considerations
  • Caregiver and Patient Cultivation
    • Personal Growing
    • Caregiver Growing
    • Dispensary Growing
    • Considerations
  • Minors
    • Medical Marijuana Possession for Minors
    • Considerations

  • Reciprocity
    • Reciprocity to Buy
    • Reciprocity to Use
    • Considerations
  • Marketing
    • Regulations Related to Product
    • Regulations Related to Product Labeling
    • Regulations Related to Place
    • Regulations Related to Price
    • Regulations Related to Promotion
    • Considerations
  • Products
    • Permitted Marijuana Products by Form
    • Considerations
  • Possession Limits
    • Medical Marijuana Possession Limits
    • Recreational Marijuana Possession Limits
    • Considerations
  • Local Rules
    • Local Authority: Unlimited to Restricted
    • Local Authority: Case(s) in Point
    • Considerations
  • State Pages
  • Definitions

State-by-state comparisons, high-level down to intricate details

The intense focus in the Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide: 2017 Edition on the nuances and details of the industry enable you to assess the climate and business opportunities across jurisdictions. At the same time, our state profiles provide a concise snapshot of each state.

The following sample charts and accompanying intelligence are also available in our complimentary overview.

State Snapshots

State Snapshots
27 individual state snapshot pages provide all of the details necessary to fully evaluate marijuana licenses.

Tax Schemes

Tax Schemes
A breakdown of excise taxes for medical and recreational marijuana in the states that charge them.

Personal Growing

Personal Growing
Comparison of states that allow individuals and/or their caregivers to grow medical marijuana for personal use.

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