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Province Regulations:

  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Both


Recreational Cannabis purchases will be available through privately-run physical stores and government run online sales.


British Columbia

The Liquor Distribution Branch will be the wholesale distributor of non-medical cannabis in B.C. and will run provincial cannabis retail stores. The Cannabis Distribution Act establishes: A public wholesale distribution monopoly; and Public (government-run) retail sales, both in stores and online.



On June 5, 2018, Bill 11: The Safe and Responsible Retailing of Cannabis Act, received royal assent. This Bill sets the framework for Manitoba’s retail model by legislating that the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba will be renamed the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba and will be responsible for licensing cannabis stores and cannabis distributors.


New Brunswick

The only legal place to purchase cannabis will be through Cannabis NB, a subsidiary of the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation (ANBL). Cannabis will also be available to order online through Cannabis NB.


Newfoundland and Labrador

The sale of cannabis will be done through private retailers licensed by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC). NLC will control the possession, sale and delivery of cannabis, and set prices for cannabis products. At the outset, NLC will be the online retailer of cannabis. There may be instances and areas of the province where private retailers have no interest in operating. In such cases, NLC may fill this role. The initial RFP for Licensed Cannabis Retailers identified the opportunity for up to 41 licenses.

Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation will be the only authorized retailer of cannabis in Nova Scotia. Cannabis can be purchased by adults 19 or over at designated NSLC stores or online.



Check back for updates as the laws are passed.



When it’s legal, people will be able to purchase cannabis in-person or online through the Ontario Cannabis Store. Online orders will be delivered safely and securely. The Ontario Cannabis Store will be the only store that can legally sell recreational cannabis and will follow strict rules set by the federal government.


Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission (PEILCC) will oversee the operation of four cannabis retail locations and an e-commerce platform.



The new Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), a province run entity, will sell cannabis in Quebec and be the only seller. It will start with 20 retail stores, including four in Montreal, and an online outlet.



The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) will issue approximately 60 cannabis retail permits to private operators.



The Yukon Liquor Corporation will be responsible for the distribution of cannabis. Once regulations have been passed, private cannabis retailers will be required to obtain a retail license issued by the Cannabis Licensing Board.

Canada News & Insights:

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Included U.S. States

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  • AK Alaska (Medical & Rec)
  • AR Arkansas (Medical)
  • AZ Arizona (Medical)
  • CA California (Medical & Rec)
  • CO Colorado (Medical & Rec)
  • CT Connecticut (Medical)
  • DC D.C. (Medical & Rec)
  • DE Delaware (Medical)
  • FL Florida (Medical)
  • HI Hawaii (Medical)
  • IL Illinois (Medical)
  • IA Iowa (Medical)
  • LA Louisiana (Medical)
  • ME Maine (Medical & Rec)
  • MD Maryland (Medical)
  • MA Massachusetts (Medical & Rec)
  • MI Michigan (Medical)
  • MN Minnesota (Medical)
  • MO Missouri (Medical)
  • MT Montana (Medical)
  • NV Nevada (Medical & Rec)
  • NH New Hampshire (Medical)
  • NJ New Jersey (Medical)
  • NM New Mexico (Medical)
  • NY New York (Medical)
  • ND North Dakota (Medical)
  • OH Ohio (Medical)
  • OR Oregon (Medical & Rec)
  • PA Pennsylvania (Medical)
  • PR Puerto Rico (Medical)
  • RI Rhode Island (Medical)
  • TX Texas (Medical)
  • VT Vermont (Medical)
  • WA Washington (Medical & Rec)

Included Canadian Provinces

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  • CA-AB Alberta (Medical)
  • CA-BC British Columbia (Medical)
  • CA-MB Manitoba (Medical)
  • CA-NB New Brunswick (Medical)
  • CA-NL Newfoundland and Labrador (Medical)
  • CA-NT Northwest Territories (Medical)
  • CA-NS Nova Scotia (Medical)
  • CA-NU Nunavut (Medical)
  • CA-ON Ontario (Medical)
  • CA-PE Prince Edward Island (Medical)
  • CA-QC Quebec (Medical)
  • CA-SK Saskatchewan (Medical)
  • CA-YT Yukon (Medical)

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