Where can our CRM lead you?

To more than 100,000 verified licensed cannabis and hemp operations across 48 states and 18 international markets, including Canada.

Lead Generation + CRM

The Cannabiz Media License Database is a powerful CRM containing tools to help you build relationships and streamline your workflows.

Licenses, Applications, and People

Get detailed contact information and business intelligence about new licenses, the companies that hold them, and key stakeholders.

Email Campaigns

Draft, send, and track custom email campaigns distributed to targeted audiences of license holders.

Daily Alerts

Receive critical alerts on industry news and license holder updates, ensuring you are always making decisions based on the most current data.

Regulatory Summaries

High level summaries of key state and provincial regulations for 34 states and 13 provinces.

Multiple Users

Improve efficiency and work collaboratively as a team by setting up additional users all linked to one account.

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