Little Green Book

State-by-State Consumer’s Guide to Marijuana

Don’t travel without the Little Green Book – your go-to guide to medical and recreational marijuana rules.

The Little Green Book cuts through the clutter and provides you with just the information you need to legally buy, use, and carry marijuana across the United States.

Save Time, Aggravation, and Trouble with the Little Green Book

There’s no need to waste time combing through websites and legal code to find the most recent marijuana laws for every state. Cannabiz Media has done the work for you with the Little Green Book!

Get your copy of this ultimate guide to marijuana for travelers and new residents, so you know what you can and can’t do when you cross state borders. It’s your most important resource to stay out of trouble!

The Little Green Book is available instantly upon checkout as a downloadable PDF file. Your email receipt also contains a link to download the book at a later time.

Preview the Little Green Book

Get the Little Green Book for just $9.99 and use it as you travel between states to:

  • Make travel plans
  • Avoid legal problems when you cross state lines
  • Ensure you’re using approved marijuana products in each state where you travel
  • Understand how much marijuana you can buy, use, or carry at any time
  • Determine whether or not your children can use marijuana in each state where you travel
  • Know how much marijuana you can grow if you’re moving to a new state

The Little Green Book is available instantly upon checkout as a downloadable PDF file. Your email receipt also contains a link to download the book at a later time.

Preview one of 29 state profiles in the Little Green Book

The Little Green Book is jam-packed with essential information, including:

  • Complete information on all 29 states that have approved medical marijuana
  • Current information on all 9 states that have approved recreational marijuana
  • Large, colorful visuals so you can see what is and isn’t allowed at a glance
  • 60+ pages of reliable data straight from the Cannabiz Media Database
  • Accurate information as of January 1, 2017
  • AK Alaska (Rec)
  • AZ Arizona (Medical)
  • CO Colorado (Medical & Rec)
  • CA California (Medical Local)
  • CT Connecticut (Medical)
  • DE Delaware (Medical)
  • FL Florida (Medical)
  • HI Hawaii (Medical)
  • IL Illinois (Medical)
  • ME Maine (Medical)
  • MD Maryland (Medical)
  • MA Massachusetts (Medical)
  • MI Michigan (Medical)
  • MN Minnesota (Medical)
  • MO Missouri (Medical)
  • MT Montana (Medical)
  • NV Nevada (Medical)
  • NH New Hampshire (Medical)
  • NJ New Jersey (Medical)
  • NM New Mexico (Medical)
  • NY New York (Medical)
  • OH Ohio (Medical)
  • OR Oregon (Medical & Rec)
  • PA Pennsylvania (Medical)
  • RI Rhode Island (Medical)
  • VT Vermont (Medical)
  • WA Washington (Medical & Rec)
  • DC Washington, D.C. (Medical)

US States map

  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Both

Get answers to eight critical questions about each state:

  1. Is recreational marijuana legal?
  2. Is medical marijuana legal?
  3. Can I use and/or buy medical marijuana in a state where I’m not a registered patient?
  4. How much marijuana can I purchase or carry?
  5. What types of marijuana products can I purchase?
  6. Can I grow my own marijuana?
  7. Can minors use medical marijuana?
  8. What conditions qualify for treatment with medical marijuana?

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