A cannabis business is only as strong as its supply chain. If one piece of the value chain is weak or broken, the entire chain can collapse. Therefore, it’s critical that businesses find the right cannabis license holders to build their supply chains.

But how do you find those cannabis license holders?

That’s the challenge cannabis licensees face in just about every state where medical and/or recreational cannabis sales are available today.

The reality of the cannabis industry is businesses typically have to launch quickly and scale even more quickly. When a license is approved, the race is on to launch operations and start generating revenue to cover all of the costs already incurred and the new ones that continually add up. Finding the right supply chain partners can take a lot of time that cannabis businesses simply don’t have.

Whether you’re a cannabis business looking to develop your supply chain or you’re an investor searching for license holders to invest in, you need to find the best license holders to fill crucial gaps across your supply chain, so you’re positioned to be as successful and profitable as possible.

Here are three ways you can find the right cannabis license holders to strengthen your supply chain and gain confidence that you’re operating efficiently, legally, ethically, and profitably:

1. Attend Events

Events are an important part of the cannabis industry, and many cannabis industry professionals representing a wide variety of license holders attend events across the U.S. and around the world to build relationships, learn about new businesses, and scout for supply chain partners.

With that said, you should attend industry trade shows and conferences to learn about opportunities, gain new ideas, and build relationships that can improve your supply chain now and in the future.

2. Use Technology

Technology is essential to effective supply chain management in the cannabis industry. In addition to providing seed-to-sale tracking, technology can help you find and vet supply chain partners.

For example, Cannabiz Media offers complimentary regional accounts, which give access to license holder information from the Cannabiz Media License Database, to cannabis businesses that submit reviews of five products, brands, or suppliers used to support their licensed business. These reviews are included in the Cannabiz Media License Database, so users can quickly identify the right license holders to work with.

You can also use websites like Leafwire (a social networking site for cannabis industry professionals) and LeafLink (a digital marketplace for cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers) to connect with different license holders, build relationships, and vet supply chain partners.

3. Develop Internal Talent

Cannabis businesses can benefit significantly by developing internal supply chain management talent, specifically, by hiring skilled and experienced supply chain professionals. Supply chain managers who know what they’re doing can improve efficiencies, reduce risks, and lower costs.

Having the right supply chain manager in place is particularly important in the cannabis industry where businesses tend to scale quickly and supply chain challenges come from a variety of sources due to the highly regulated nature of the industry. A great supply chain pro can set up your supply chain network, negotiate with suppliers, manage contracts, monitor costs, and more.

Key Takeaways to Find the Right Cannabis License Holders to Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Building a strong supply chain with the right cannabis license holders starts with developing a solid supply chain strategy. For cannabis businesses that have been up and running for a while, it might be time to analyze the current supply chain and improve it. For new cannabis businesses, a completely new strategy will need to be developed from the ground up.

Either way, every cannabis business needs a supply chain road map because things will change as the industry evolves. The supply chain strategy must be adaptable for the long-term. Without a strategy, you can’t select the right cannabis license holders to help you implement it. Instead, you’ll be operating tactically, which is a guaranteed way to create a supply chain filled with weak spots.

Bottom-line, create your supply chain strategy and then fill it with the right cannabis license holders using the resources provided above. The result will be a stronger cannabis supply chain built for the long-term.