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Why You Need the Little Green Book

The Little Green Book is the most comprehensive consumer and patient guide to recreational and medical marijuana in the United States. If you’re traveling across state lines or thinking of moving to a new state, you need this book to ensure you stay out of trouble!

Every state’s marijuana laws are different. Just because medical marijuana or recreational marijuana is legal in one state doesn’t mean the same rules apply in any other state!

For example, medical marijuana is legal in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, but if you live in one of these states, don’t think about crossing state lines with your medical marijuana because none of these states have medical marijuana reciprocity laws allowing you to buy, possess, or use marijuana!

Driving from California to Colorado? Don’t bring your recreational marijuana! While it’s legal in California, Nevada, and Colorado, it’s not legal for recreational use in Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, or New Mexico. No matter what route you take to get from California to Colorado by car, you’re going to have to drive through a state that has not legalized recreational marijuana yet. That means you can’t carry it with you once you cross those state lines.

Live in Washington State where recreational marijuana is legal and heading to Las Vegas by plane for trip? Great! But leave your marijuana at home. Yes, recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada, but once you cross through the security area of an airport, you can’t have any marijuana on you, and you can’t have it in your carry-on bags or checked luggage either! This applies no matter the state you’re traveling from or to.

The list of these types of unique situations goes on and on, but with the Little Green Book in hand, you don’t have to worry. You’ll always know what you can and can’t do no matter where you are in the country.

Colorful Visuals and Essential Details on 29 States

The Little Green Book includes colorful visualizations and descriptive details for all 29 states that have legalized medical marijuana and all nine states that have legalized medical marijuana. One glance shows you:

  • If recreational marijuana is legal in a specific state
  • If medical marijuana is legal in a specific state
  • If a state has medical marijuana reciprocity laws
  • How much recreational marijuana you can possess in a specific state
  • How much medical marijuana you can possess in a specific state
  • What types of marijuana products you can purchase and possess in a specific state
  • If you can grow your own marijuana for recreational use in a specific state and how much you can grow
  • If you can grow your own marijuana for medical use in a specific state and how much you can grow
  • What conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment in a specific state

This is information that every recreational marijuana consumer and medical marijuana patient needs to know, and with this limited time offer from Cannabiz Media, you can get all of it in the Little Green Book for free!

Follow this link or click the Get My Book button to order your copy, and use the promo code LOVE17 at checkout to get the book for free on February 14, 2017!



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