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Explore endless capabilities that make finding and connecting with cannabis and hemp license holders in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Lesotho, Australia, South Africa, and Vanuatu faster and easier than ever.

US States map

  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Both

  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Both


Included U.S. States

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  • AK Alaska (Medical & Rec)
  • AR Arkansas (Medical)
  • AZ Arizona (Medical)
  • CA California (Medical & Rec)
  • CO Colorado (Medical & Rec)
  • CT Connecticut (Medical)
  • DC D.C. (Medical & Rec)
  • DE Delaware (Medical)
  • FL Florida (Medical)
  • HI Hawaii (Medical)
  • IL Illinois (Medical & Rec)
  • IA Iowa (Medical)
  • LA Louisiana (Medical)
  • ME Maine (Medical & Rec)
  • MD Maryland (Medical)
  • MA Massachusetts (Medical & Rec)
  • MI Michigan (Medical & Rec)
  • MN Minnesota (Medical)
  • MO Missouri (Medical)
  • MT Montana (Medical)
  • NV Nevada (Medical & Rec)
  • NH New Hampshire (Medical)
  • NJ New Jersey (Medical)
  • NM New Mexico (Medical)
  • NY New York (Medical)
  • ND North Dakota (Medical)
  • OH Ohio (Medical)
  • OK Oklahoma (Medical)
  • OR Oregon (Medical & Rec)
  • PA Pennsylvania (Medical)
  • PR Puerto Rico (Medical)
  • RI Rhode Island (Medical)
  • TX Texas (Medical)
  • VA Virginia (Medical)
  • VT Vermont (Medical & Rec)
  • WA Washington (Medical & Rec)
  • WV West Virginia (Medical)


Included Canadian Provinces

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  • CA-AB Alberta (Medical)
  • CA-BC British Columbia (Medical)
  • CA-MB Manitoba (Medical)
  • CA-NB New Brunswick (Medical)
  • CA-NL Newfoundland and Labrador (Medical)
  • CA-NT Northwest Territories (Medical)
  • CA-NS Nova Scotia (Medical)
  • CA-NU Nunavut (Medical)
  • CA-ON Ontario (Medical)
  • CA-PE Prince Edward Island (Medical)
  • CA-QC Quebec (Medical)
  • CA-SK Saskatchewan (Medical)
  • CA-YT Yukon (Medical)

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