So much more than license tracking

The Cannabiz Media License Database unites the necessity of lead generation with the functionality of a user-friendly CRM. It is your key resource for business intelligence and to connect with prospects in both the cannabis and hemp industries. Our platform contains information on over 25,000 licensed marijuana and hemp operations across 32 states plus Canada and has been designed with endless CRM capabilities to streamline your workflows and place prospects in the palm of your hand.

Licenses, Applications, and People

Get detailed contact and license information as well as news about new licenses, applications, and key stakeholders for both marijuana and hemp.

Daily Alerts

Receive critical alerts both in-app and via email when key information in over 40 tracked data fields gets updated, ensuring you are always making decisions based on the most current data.


Stay on top of the industry with the latest news gathered from trusted sources about marijuana licensing and licensed businesses.

Email Campaigns

Draft, distribute, and track custom email campaigns distributed to targeted audiences right from the platform.


Download a CSV formatted file to easily share information with your team and instantly import and manage leads with your CRM.

State Regulations

Understand your market by learning about state medical and retail marijuana policies as they are adopted.

Multiple Users

Improve efficiency and work collaboratively as a team by setting up additional users all linked to one account.

California Scorecard

Unrivaled business intelligence by tracking permits and bans by city, and connecting you with permit and license holders.


Organize licenses, people, and companies to create sales territories and email targeted audiences by saving searches into custom lists.

Social Connections

Link to social media profiles across multiple platforms for marijuana businesses and key stakeholders.
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Included U.S. States

  • AK Alaska (Medical & Rec)
  • AR Arkansas (Medical)
  • AZ Arizona (Medical)
  • CA California (Medical & Rec)
  • CO Colorado (Medical & Rec)
  • CT Connecticut (Medical)
  • DC D.C. (Medical & Rec)
  • DE Delaware (Medical)
  • FL Florida (Medical)
  • HI Hawaii (Medical)
  • IL Illinois (Medical)
  • IA Iowa (Medical)
  • LA Louisiana (Medical)
  • ME Maine (Medical & Rec)
  • MD Maryland (Medical)
  • MA Massachusetts (Medical & Rec)
  • MI Michigan (Medical)
  • MN Minnesota (Medical)
  • MO Missouri (Medical)
  • MT Montana (Medical)
  • NV Nevada (Medical & Rec)
  • NH New Hampshire (Medical)
  • NJ New Jersey (Medical)
  • NM New Mexico (Medical)
  • NY New York (Medical)
  • ND North Dakota (Medical)
  • OH Ohio (Medical)
  • OR Oregon (Medical & Rec)
  • PA Pennsylvania (Medical)
  • PR Puerto Rico (Medical)
  • RI Rhode Island (Medical)
  • TX Texas (Medical)
  • VT Vermont (Medical)
  • WA Washington (Medical & Rec)

US States map

  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Both

Included Canadian Provinces

  • CA-AB Alberta (Medical)
  • CA-BC British Columbia (Medical)
  • CA-MB Manitoba (Medical)
  • CA-NB New Brunswick (Medical)
  • CA-NL Newfoundland and Labrador (Medical)
  • CA-NT Northwest Territories (Medical)
  • CA-NS Nova Scotia (Medical)
  • CA-NU Nunavut (Medical)
  • CA-ON Ontario (Medical)
  • CA-PE Prince Edward Island (Medical)
  • CA-QC Quebec (Medical)
  • CA-SK Saskatchewan (Medical)
  • CA-YT Yukon (Medical)

  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Both