GeekTek is a technology firm and IT managed services provider that uses technology to help businesses scale – including businesses in the cannabis industry. In addition to providing ongoing managed IT for companies, GeekTek helps cannabis businesses at every stage of the growth lifecycle from blueprint to rollout. This includes designing networks, cabling, servers, and more to ensure a dispensary gets up and running on time with a focus on security. The company also supports businesses in the cannabis industry with backups, network security, cyber security, and maintenance. GeekTek has become known as the “IT department of the cannabis industry.”

GeekTek subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database to connect with cannabis businesses in the U.S. and Canada. I spoke with Erin Fay, COO of GeekTek, to learn more about how the company uses the data in support of its goals.

Why Does GeekTek Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

In simplest terms, GeekTek subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database because, “The data is powerful,” explains Erin. “The License Database provides a cannabis-specific platform to supplement our marketing efforts. We’ve run many successful email campaigns from the License Database for outreach and driving traffic to our website, which resulted in successfully setting up meetings at trade shows.”

GeekTek leverages the customization features available in the Cannabiz Media License Database to make it work for their needs. Erin says, “We use the filters and tagging features in the License Database because it allows us to separate contacts by location, state, and country. Since we are servicing the Canadian and US cannabis markets, it helps us track and organize the large amount of information it provides in a way that is tailored to our needs.”

GeekTek also looks at the applications and documents attached to contact records and reads articles available through the news feature to stay on top of what’s happening in specific states. This helps GeekTek stay up to date with location-specific cannabis markets and provide businesses with the exact services that they need. Erin finds the database to be well structured, and its insight to the market assists GeekTek with its futuristic plans for the cannabis businesses.

“The License Database has helped us extensively,” shares Erin. “The resources and research data available in the database help us target businesses in the cannabis industry. No other company can provide the same information, and it puts us in the driver’s seat to manage and track the information according to our business needs. We see the Cannabiz Media License Database as a great resource that goes hand-in-hand with our marketing department and helps to build our knowledge base and external network.”

Erin says the benefits of using the data available in the Cannabiz Media License Database for GeekTek include generating sales leads and creating partnerships. “The cannabis industry is growing rapidly. The License Database keeps everything organized and up to date, so we always know what’s going on in each state. The ability to contact people directly through the License Database is awesome.”

What’s Next for Cannabiz Media and GeekTek?

GeekTek plans to continue using the License Database in the future. “We’ll use it much more in 2019,” says Erin. “We appreciate that the information is verified and updated, which assures that the data is accurate. We know we can trust the Cannabiz Media License Database and rely on it to do our jobs. It’s a more professional, streamlined tool than anything else out there.”

The Cannabiz Media team will continue to earn GeekTek’s trust – and the trust of all of its clients – in 2019 and beyond by maintaining the integrity of the cannabis license data it provides to its subscribers and launching new features that will continue to help its users.

Follow the link to schedule a free demo of the Cannabiz Media License Database and learn what it can do for you and your business.